Wedding Events

Choosing a professionally licensed and trained disc jockey for your wedding reception can and will eliminate worry, making your reception hassle free. Our staff of elite on-air/mobile disc jockeys assumes the role of master of ceremonies, making all necessary announcements, coordinating all events, working hand in hand with the coordinator. photographer, videographer, caterer, banquet manager and even combining with other live acts.

Our disc jockeys have over 15 years of experience in reading all types of crowds, from outdoor picnic weddings to black tie ballroom receptions, while involving even the most reserved of guests. Maybe you, remember stopping to see one of your favorite jocks out on location, maybe at a remote, local concert, area event or maybe seeing them performing Master of Ceremonies/DJ duties at a friends wedding. All of the staff combined has experienced just about every venue imaginable. Just ask one of them.

Broadcast DJs are very familiar with scheduling formalities; they understand how important it is to caterer to all aspects of planning your special day. Prior to your reception we will meet with you, once, at your home or any other location to go over all of the events (see bridal itinerary forms), music that has been selected, names of the bridal party and other important information.

The BroadcastDJs combined musical archives are both digitally fotored and on hard disc. Depending upon which jocks we are describing. With access to over 125,000 song titles, ranging from the best of yesterday to today's HOTTEST hits while "playing for the people" (see music selections), taking requests and letting the Bride and Groom choose the music they do and do not want played.

Music is, in fact, the most important and memorable pai1 of a reception, your guests seldom remember the meal or even cake, but they always remember the music, especially if the DJ did a great job!

Always using, at least the latest DJ mixing software, 1,000-watt system, with a cordless microphone and always bringing a back up amplifier, CD player and mixing board.

All entertainers set up early, about an hour, at NO additional charge, in order to take care of any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. At performance time we will be properly dressed, whether it be tux attire or casnal dress. Special attention has even been given to our equipment to make it sleek and attractive and to hide any messy cords.

Reception Consulting:

All contracted events include 1hr of consulting, either over the phone, or in-person in the area (traveling fees will be applied, if out of the area).

Services Starting At:

Wedding Reception/Ceremony (4) Hours of above mentioned services: $750.00 Each additional hour $125.00

Our past customers have saved hundreds of dollars on entertainment services, and refer our Disc Jockeys to friends and family. We would be happy to show you some of their comments.

Coordination of events


A DJ may be needed to supply a sound system to mic a musician, entertainer or person performing the wedding, provide the ceremonial music, "Here Comes the Bride," before the wedding, and then "The Wedding March" after you are married. It is also important to check with the person in charge of the venue, to see how close AC/DC power supply is to the location of the actual ceremony, because additional extension cords or possibly a pmiable gas generator may be needed. (The DJ's performance starts at the time of setup completion)

After Ceremony

You may want a receiving line either at the exit of church, or if time is limited. later at the hall. Then, the photographer may want to take pictures at the church, wedding site, or maybe you have plans to drive off to some other scenic site. After that, it's off to be greeted by family and friends who have come together for your special wedding day.

Arriving at Reception

Upon arriving, your DJ will gather everyone outside the main entrance of the hall or outside area, check with photographer and videographer ( coordinating all events at all times) making sure they are ready. Then. your ente1iainment will go over the names once again, and line up the entire bridal party requested to be announced by the Bride and Groom.

Introduction of The Bridal Party (Grand Entrance)

Don't be surprised to receive an enthusiastic welcome as your Master of Ceremonies am1ounces your grand entrance (Bride and Groom last). Although some hall coordinators like to announce the bridal parties entrance, leave it the hands of the professional. It is one of the events we enjoy most. And for the next few hours it will be our job to lead the festivities, play the music that has been chosen by you. the DJ or the guests. while keeping the reception running smoothly.

Bridal Party Dance

Some newlyweds like to get the bridal or bridal party dance out of the way first in order to get the party going right after dinner. Maybe your hall time is limited. or outside weather conditions are getting rough. If this is the case, after announcing the introduction, your DJ would begin playing a pre-selected song and then possibly announce the rest of the party. If time is not limited, after dinner is normally preferred.

Cocktails/Hors D'oeuvres

If the bridal party dance is not directly after the introduction into the hall, this may be time for cocktails or Hors D'oeuvres. since nonnally the guests arrive before you. This is also your time to settle. Your DJ may get you something cold to drink, check to see where the person is that is giving the toast or blessing. ask the banquet manager or caterer to see how the food is doing and when it should be served. Your DJ will check to see if the Best Man or Toastmaster is prepared for toast while also making sure the tables are set with champagne or any other special drink and make sure their glasses are filled.

Blessing or Grace

Grace is normally given before the toast (because you shouldn't drink unblessed wine), your DJ checks to find a location where the person feels comfortable giving thanks. He will do a microphone check from that location and then supply a cordless or hardwire microphone.


Your Broadcast DJ will check with the Best Man, Maid or Matron of Honor, family member or guest, who is giving the toast, ask if they are prepared, and then hand the (pre-sound checked) microphone. After giving short instructions on its operation, the DJ will remind them to raise their glass after toast.

• The Best Man Brings Down the House With a Hilarious Story.

• The Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid or significant other Recites a Touching Poem.

• The Father of the Groom Gives an Eloquent and Emotional Toast


If the cutting of the cake is after dinner, your DJ will play the proper pre-chosen musical selection by Bride and Groom, announce or call the tables if requested, and make any other general announcements (i.e. location of the wedding guest book. gift table and possibly how to operate the disposable cameras you may have placed on the tables for your guests. to either keep for themselves or to leave at a predesignated place in the hall for them to drop off before or as they leave).

Cutting of the Cake

After mingling with guests (you may want to spend a short amount of time with each table) it may be time for the cutting of the cake. Although there really does not seem to be any one particular traditional time for the cutting of the cake, if your reception is outside, we suggest the earlier the better. The DJ's responsibility is to check for knife and plate on the cake table and once again prep the photographer. videographer and caterer. Music can also be used to accompany this event.

Party Time

Your DJ will already have a good idea what type of music you and your guests prefer because of the Reception Planning Forms. This is when it is time for Broadcast DJ's to shine. Motivation is the theme now, to get you and your guests up and dancing, playing group dances, with nearly all musical categories, pre-selected songs by the Bride and Groom, while taking requests from guests (if applicable). The DJ will always exhibit the interactive skills that have brought them to their current positions. The format that always seems to work best, is making sure you please the older folks, then progressively segue into more current music.

Throwing of the Bouquet and Garter

Music can accompany this event, and it is important for the DJ to check to see if the Bride and Groom want the traditional procedure, (the man that catches the garter, slides it up the woman's leg that caught the bouquet). First your DJ calls all the single women up to the dance floor, and the Bride throws the bouquet. Then the DJ sets a chair in the middle of the dance foor for the Bride ( either facing the guests or wherever the photographer/videographer want). The Groom then slides off the garter and the DJ announces, "all single men on the dance floor". When the man has caught the gruter, the DJ then announces for the woman that caught the bouquet to be seated in that same chair, and the garter to be raised by the man that caught it. Sometimes the Bride and Groom choose for there to be an age limit ( 16 or or whatever age is appropriate to your gathering). There are many

Money Dance

DJ checks with Maid/Matron of Honor to see if she has a purse or something to collect the money from the guests with, and lets her know it's her job to regulate the dancers. The DJ then announces anyone wishing to dance with the Bride and or Groom to now form a line. He then supplies the music for the dances. This is normally done about one half an hour away from ending time, wi

many guests

Final Dance This is the time to wrap things up, play a final song, thank your guests for coming, remind them who entertained them, ask them to be careful driving home, and maybe let guest know where the after party is, so that friends can get together later.



Choosing a professionally licensed and trained disc jockey for your event will eliminate any worry. Our staff of elite on-air/mobile disc jockeys assumes the role of master of ceremonies, making all necessary announcements, coordinating all events, working hand in hand with the coordinator, photographer, videographer, caterer, banquet manager and even combining with other live acts.










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